DIANE FENER, ESQ.                                                                                            244 FIFTH AVENUE                                                                           NEW YORK, NY 10001                                       

(917) 426-7099                           


Services include:


Adoption               Foster Care

Annulment            Grandparent Rights

Children's Rights  Juvenile Court

Civil Union             Parents' Rights 

Custody                 Paternity Suits

Divorce                  Prenuptials

Domestic Abuse   Protective Orders

Elder Law               Support/Visitation

Estate Planning     Wills


Methods include:

Collaboration, Litigation, Mediation


"I believe our justice system must provide the same degree of dignity to its neediest citizens as it provides to the wealthiest people who pass through its courts.  I will not turn away persons with meritorious claims merely because they cannot afford to pay."                             -DIANE FENER


Diane Fener has thirty years' experience as an advocate in  New York, California, and Washington DC, in government service and in private employment. 

Results depend on a number of factors unique to each matter.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.