By Diane Fener:

"ALTERNATIVES TO DETENTION AND INCARCERATION," a CLE-accredited presentation, reported at the First Annual Public Defender Juvenile Law and Education Seminar, "New Challenges: Virginia's Changing Juvenile Code,"

"ASSESSMENT OF NEEDS OF THE JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM :  A Report to the Virginia Beach Community Criminal Justice Board," a government-commissioned blueprint for reform, and

"JUVENILE JUSTICE RESOURCE BOOK," a reference work for Hampton Roads, Virginia, updated by contributors periodically.                           


About Diane Fener:

CLIENT TESTIMONIALS: "I'm thrilled with the representation Diane has provided.  She's a realist with an impeccable attention to detail.  She has an innate way of connecting disparate pieces of information into a cogent argument."  (Amanda Redwine, Senior Manager, Dentsply International)

SUCCESSFUL CASES: Diane Fener brought a paternity and child support suit against a multi-millionnaire NBA basketball player and successfully obtained a court order for guaranteed monthly payments.  (Public records, Westchester Family Court)