By Diane Fener:

ALTERNATIVES TO DETENTION AND INCARCERATION, a CLE-accredited presentation at The Virginia Public Defender's Annual Juvenile Law and Education Seminar on the challenges of Virginia's changing Juvenile Code.

ASSESSMENT OF NEEDS OF JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM, a report to the Virginia Beach Community Criminal Justice Board setting forth a blueprint for reforming juvenile court.

JUVENILE JUSTICE RESOURCE BOOK, a reference work for Hampton Roads, Virginia.  

LIFE LINES - THE BOOKS PODCAST, a free talk show on -Tunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, and SoundCloud

WAKING UP FROM THE AMERICAN DREAM, a memoir, forthcoming from The Brooklyn Writers Press

BILLY THE KID, a children’s book for adults, forthcoming from The Brooklyn Writers Press

About Diane Fener:

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 10, 2002 interview about D.C. Sniper case.

JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION, April 2000 cover story on school law.    

DATELINE NBC , 1999 interview about First Amendment rights in public schools.